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School Based Rehabilitation

This is supposed to be a career making programme for the children coming from “Hamro Ghar” rehabilitation programme of NGF after completing grade two 2 non-formal education programme. The opportunity provides children children with excellent academic results to go in for this programme. These are the same children who once were working in the carpet factories as child labourers and saw other children going to school but never had the opportunity for themselves to attend a school even though they strongly wanted to. Laboratory Higher Secondary School, one of the top and elite school approached NGF and extended their support to accommodate certain number of children in their respective at the same cost NGF was spending at “Hamro Ghar” per child. NGF entered into agreement with a school as it was a golden opportunity for the children willing to go for formal education. Meanwhile, it was also made clear that GoodWeave children will not be discriminated and ill treated in any manner by anyone during their stay in the school and would be treated as any child paying full amount. Presently, there are 16 children in Laboratory Higher Secondary school studying in different classes with full residential facilities and service. Besides education, boarding and lodging, they are also provided with school uniforms, casual wears, text books and stationery, and other requirements. Many children who have passed their School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examinations from this school have been lucky in finding individual international sponsors with NGF’s efforts to continue their higher studies.

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