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Primary Activities of NGF
  1. Promoting and licensing GoodWeave trademark.
  2. Inspection and monitoring of carpet factories and certification of child labour free carpets.
  3. Removal and rehabilitation of carpet child workers with appropriate education and vocational training.
  4. Family reintegration and community based rehabilitation of displaced carpet child workers.
  5. Health services through medical clinics and mobile medical camps for carpet workers and their children.
  6. School sponsorship, early childhood development activities (day care and education) in carpet factories for children of carpet workers and empowerment of workers and their families through awareness programs.
  7. Flexible literacy classes for workers with primary focus on child workers aged 14 to 18 years.
  8. Motivating and supporting individual carpet factories to establish and run day care cum education centres for children of the workers.
  9. Promotion of child labour free Nepalese carpets in international markets.
  10. Advocacy for socially and environmentally responsible business practices and implementation of the legal provisions.
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