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Centre Based Rehabilitation

Centre-Based Rehabilitation Programme for the child labourers is one of the main components of child development programme of NGF. The children removed from the factories of GoodWeave Licensees are placed in such GoodWeave centre who either are orphans or are from broken families with no possibility of family re-union or are in a very poor economic condition to support their schooling even after returning to home.

Hamro Ghar, Nepal GoodWeave Foundation’s Centre Based Rehabilitation centre is the heart the rehabilitation programmes of the organisation as it is the first point where the child is brought and is decided whether to send the child for family reunion with or without education and food allowance support under NGF’s Community Based Rehabilitation Programme (CBR) or to be kept at the centre with full hostel and non-formal education facilities until s/he completes her/his grade two examination at the centre. Upon arrival at the centre, a NGF counselor provides the child with necessary counseling service and also interviews the child in order to classify him/her into a group depending on the age and educational level. Similarly, a medical doctor also carries out health check-up of the child. The rehabilitation centre also provides children with the opportunity of meeting their parents/guardians and in many cases reunion of children with their parents or guardian take place through these meetings. Generally, the age of such children are between 10 and 14 at the time of removal and are often illiterate, overworked and physically abused.

It is also taken into consideration that the children who cannot be reunited with the parents or families due to various reasons like if they are orphans, destitute are prone to sent back to work or will not be treated well by the family members and will not be sent to school, are brought to the centre for long term rehabilitation until the child reaches 18 years of age. During the stay of the children at the centre, besides being provided with education and other facilities, they are also provided with various types of opportunities in the field of sports, art, music, dance, and exposure/study visits etc. Meanwhile, efforts are continuously being made for proper and appropriate family reunion of the children whose parents’ whereabouts is unknown or home is not identified or located. The curriculum followed at the centre is in match with the curriculum followed in government schools of the country. However, unlike in formal schools, a child good in studies does not have to wait for whole year to complete his/her academic year and get promoted to upper class as the academic session at the centre is of six months and children doing good in their session examinations are promoted to upper class within a period of six months meaning that a child can get promoted to upper class two times a year. For this very reason, the education system of the centre is also termed as “Accelerated Education Programme.” Once a child passes his/her grade two examinations from the centre, he/she depending upon the result is either sent to formal school for receiving school education or are sent for vocational training in different trades depending on the interest and technical capability of the child.

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