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Nepal GoodWeave Foundation (formerly Nepal RugMark Foundation) is a Non-Profit making and Non-Government Organization established in December 1995 AD as a result of collaboration among Carpet Entrepreneurs, Child Rights NGOs, and International Development Organizations, Giz, UNICEF, the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and the Asian American Free Labor Institute (AAFLI).

Being a country affiliate of GoodWeave International (GWI), Nepal GoodWeave Foundation (NGF) has proven to be a viable initiative to effectively address the child labor issues in the carpet industry of Nepal. In its more than 27 years of operation in Nepal, it has been able to bring more than 50% of the carpet industry to the GoodWeave’s viable standards including carpet weaving and spinning sectors. Moreover, it is largely expanding towards covering the entire carpet industry of Nepal and replicating its sustainable model to other industries.

Through its multi-pronged approach along with Inspection, Monitoring and Certification mechanism, GoodWeave tries to maintain child labor free environment in the Nepali carpet industry in preventing children to enter into the factories as child laborers. On the other hand, it provides meaningful alternatives like education, rehabilitation and skills development trainings to the children through its various programs and activities.

GoodWeave and its Network
GoodWeave is a global non-profit initiative working to end exploitative child labor in carpet industry offering educational opportunities to children removed from carpet factories. It is unique cooperation between Carpet Entrepreneurs and Child Rights NGOs for carpet producing and consuming countries. Through workplace inspection, monitoring and consumer labelling, GoodWeave provides the best possible assurance that no child labor has been used in the manufacture of carpet. Moreover, GoodWeave broadly works for socially and environmentally responsible business practices in line with International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labelling Alliance (ISEAL), a global leader in setting benchmarks and best practices for certification in this field.

GoodWeave network operates in Nepal, India, Afghanistan, United Kingdom and United States of America. GoodWeave International (GWI), the governing international body was established in Germany in 1994 and owns the GoodWeave Trademark.

  Nepal GoodWeave Foundation
GPO Box: 12698, Kathmandu
House No. 346, Madan Ashrit Marg, Gothatar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-5148216/ 5148132
E-mail: info@goodweavenepal.org
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