Inspection Monitering and Certification (IMC)

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Monitoring and Certification (IMC) focus on GoodWeave's operation in Nepal. Independent Monitoring Officers and Monitoring Supervisors make frequent, unannounced visits to every loom operated by GoodWeave licensed producers. The importer companies that partner with GoodWeave International make mandatory the process of license-acquisition for their exporters in Nepal. The Licensee/supplier is expected to declare its complete list of Level 2 and Level 3 suppliers (subcontractors) include processing, weaving and washing operations with the expectation that any and all facilities will be inspected. Regular monitoring and inspections ensure child-labor-free supply chains in Nepal, while the licensed importers receive a GoodWeave label and sticks on the back of their rugs, assuring that their brand is not associated with child/bonded/trafficked labor. The process adequately demonstrates how market-forces can be utilized for an issue that demands more than just a naive insistence on humanitarian activism.

Besides eliminating child labor, GoodWeave's inspection and monitoring process also ensures that bonded and forced labor, as well as other malpractices against adult workers are kept at bay. In addition to inspections, annual audits and follow-up audits are also conducted in the production units of GoodWeave monitored supply chains. The auditing aspect helps to streamline our monitoring procedures and also incorporates worker-interviews, ensuring that the process is representative of workers' needs. As end of 2018, Nepal GoodWeave Foundation has completed 70,556 inspections while more 1,948,312 square meters carpets have been sold in Europe, North America, Australia and other countries since GoodWeave's inception.

GoodWeave's Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) system, built and administered in accordance with the ISEAL Impacts Code, helps to ensure that the organization is meeting its objectives and carrying out its larger mission of ending child labor, forced labor, and bonded labor in a manner that is both wholly transparent and open to further development.

Internal monitoring allows us to gauge our progress in realizing many of our short-term desired outcomes, such as removing children from manufacturing supply chains and placing them in safe, rehabilitative environments'progress that can be measured by tracking the number of production sites inspected during a given period, for example, or the number of children withdrawn from the workplace. To help us determine how well we are achieving our medium-term and long-term goals, we initiate in-depth evaluations that analyze dynamics in labor markets and social conditions in communities. At both levels, we bring to the task of self-analysis the same rigor and scrutiny that we bring to the task of monitoring and evaluating supply chains and worker environments.
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