Primary activities

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  1. Promoting and licensing of GoodWeave.
  2. Inspection and monitoring of carpet factories and certification of child labor free carpets.
  3. Removal and rehabilitation of child laborers with appropriate education and vocational training.
  4. School sponsorship, Early Childhood Care & education programs in carpet factories for children of carpet workers and conducting awareness raising programs for workers and their families.
  5. Offering health services to carpet workers and their family members through mobile health camps.
  6. Motivating and supporting individual carpet factories to establish and run early childhood care and education center for children of the workers.
  7. Family re-integration and community based rehabilitation of removed/ rescued children working in carpet factories.
  8. Promotion of child labor free Nepalese carpets in national & international markets.
  9. Lobby and Advocacy for socially and environmentally responsible business practices and implementation of the legal provisions.
  10. Conducting vocational training such as weaving training, dyeing training, carpet designing training, finishing training etc for women and youths with marketable skills and replenishing the workforce with skilled adult weavers.
  11. Conducts random inspection as well as social audit which addresses child labor, forced and bonded labor, and working conditions (including wages, working hours, health and safety, and disciplinary practices) in Nepal’s brick industry.
  12. Awareness programs for carpet workers and their families.
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